Big DD03905 Big Jon Mini-diver - Orange

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Big Jon Mini-Diver - Orange

<b>Mini-Diver</b><br/><br/>Big Jons Mini-Diver is one of the greatest assets you could find in your tackle box! This little diver will take your lure down to depths of approximately 30 feet.<br/><br/>The Mini-Diver is the easiest to use diving device on the market, it requires no pop-off release. When a fish strikes, it will lay out straight in line with the fishing line, so you fight the fish, not the diver.<br/><br/>The adjustable nose weight can be set, so the Mini-Diver will run to the left or right sides of the boat, as well as straight behind the boat.<br/><br/>The Mini-Divers 1 3/4 inch diameter gives it a very low visual profile that wont spook fish.<br/> <!--- cis:y4w2Om4GJ5A= --->
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Big DD03905 Big Jon Mini-diver - Orange

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