Bits SCG3e Scg 3e Smart Strip Advanced Power Strip, 7 Outlets, Surge Protector, 15a, 4ft. Cable, Pack Of 1

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Elevate your home or office setup with the Bits SCG3e SCG 3e Smart Strip, an advanced power strip that goes beyond mere surge protection. Designed to accommodate your every electrical need, this power strip features 7 outlets with a smart surge protection system, ensuring your devices are safeguarded against voltage spikes. The 4 foot cable offers flexibility in placement, allowing you to organize your devices with ease. With a 15A rating, it's built to handle high powered devices without breaking a sweat. Ideal for entertainment centers, office setups, and anywhere you need intelligent power distribution, the Bits SCG3e Smart Strip is the smart choice for protecting and managing your electronics.< p>

  • Model Number: SCG3e / SCG-3e
  • Outlets: 7 surge-protected outlets for comprehensive device protection
  • Cable Length: 4 feet, providing ample reach for various setups
  • Surge Protection: Advanced surge protection technology to safeguard your devices from voltage fluctuations
  • Amperage: Rated for 15A, capable of supporting high-powered devices and equipment
  • Smart Features: Energy-saving design that automatically turns off unused devices, reducing standby power consumption
  • Material: Durable construction designed to withstand rigorous use
  • Indicator Lights: Includes LED indicators for protection status and grounding
  • Mounting Options: Easy-to-use mounting system for convenient placement
  • Certifications: UL Listed, ensuring safety and reliability
  • Package Contents: 1 x Bits SCG3e SCG-3e Smart Strip Advanced Power Strip

Perfect for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike, the Bits SCG3e SCG-3e Smart Strip combines functionality with smart technology, offering not only protection but also efficiency for all your electronic devices. Say goodbye to cluttered cables and welcome a more organized, safe, and energy-efficient power management solution to your space.

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Bits SCG3e Scg 3e Smart Strip Advanced Power Strip, 7 Outlets, Surge Protector, 15a, 4ft. Cable, Pack Of 1

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