Ginsu 04998DS Essential Series 10 Piece Cutlery Set - Black

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10 Piece Cutlery Set - Black

The Essential series 10-piece cutlery set combines the accuracy and reliability of professional-grade cutlery with the convenience of never needing to be sharpened. Our Symmetric Edge Technology gives serrated blades a set of serrations on either side of the blade, allowing you to cut through food easily without tearing it apart. Meanwhile, the commercial-grade stainless steel of the blade itself gives added durability and rigidity to the knife and absorbs impact. The full tang of each blade extends through the triple-riveted handle for added precision and support, making this an incredibly reliable and comfortable knife set. To keep it functioning at its best, only wash the blades by hand. <br><br>Includes:<br>8 slicer: 12.5x1x.5 - 0.25lbs <br>6 chefs knife: 10.75x1.5x.5 - 0.20lbs <br>4.5 utility knife: 8.5x.75x.5 - 0.10lbs<br>3.5 paring knife: 7.5x.75x.5 - 0.10 lbs<br>Scissors: 8.25x3x.25 - 0.15lbs <br>Four 4.5 steak knives: 8.5x.75x.5 - 0.10lbs<br>Natural wood storage block: 8.5x6x4 - 2.30lbs
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Ginsu 04998DS Essential Series 10 Piece Cutlery Set - Black

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