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Because of the Apple Mac Mini’s small form factor it is vulnerable to loss, damage, and theft. Tryten's Mac Mini security mount is a secure bracket and holder with wall mount ability, designed to safely lock your Mac Mini.

See the Mac Mini Security Mount in action; Secure Your Mac Mini; VESA Mount Compatible

Macintosh Mini Security Mount
In view of the Apple Mac Mini's little structure factor it is defenseless against misfortune, harm, and robbery. Tryten's Mac Mini security mount is a solid section and holder with wall mount capacity, intended to lock your Mac Mini securely.
Secure Your Mac Mini
These Mac Mini cases are made of an exceptional grade aluminum combination that contains shape memory. This joined with the mounting section's considerable rigidity make it incredibly impervious to prying. This guarantees that Tryten's mount for Mac Mini keep your gadget both secure and from overheating.
VESA Mount Compatible
We planned our Mac Mini locks in light of you. In addition to the fact that it connect to any can level surface, it is likewise viable with both 75mm and 100mm VESA mounts so you can undoubtedly wall-mount your Mac Mini. This Mac Mini security lock is great for homerooms, PC labs, advanced signage frameworks, intelligent whiteboards, booths, wall mount sections, retail shows, and could in fact be TV mounted.
Smooth Security Mount
Our item designing group comprehends that structure follows capability so we planned two openings to guarantee legitimate wind current and ideal arrangement with the WiFi radio wire. Your Mac Mini stays secure, cool, and associated. With a joined Laptop Lock Pro (excluded) as a Mini Mac Locker security link, it is both smooth and flexible.
Undefeatable Lock Box
Our Mac Mini mounting pack is the ideal lock for a Mac Mini with it's enemy of pick high security Kensington lock. This lock is straightforward in plan, yet almost difficult to overcome when introduced. Since being first to showcase with this item in quite a while have sold huge number of Mac Mini Security Mounts to legislatures, instructive foundations, and Fortune 500 organizations without a solitary report of burglary.
Link Lock Compatible
We comprehend that a few clients don't need or require extremely durable establishment of the Mac Mini secure mount, others might want an extra degree of safety for Mac Minis conveyed in high rush hour gridlock regions. While the ongoing Mac Mini models don't uphold a link lock, our Apple Mac Mini Mount does. Just add our Laptop Lock Pro (excluded) as a link lock and your mount is secure.

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Tryten T5425US Tryten Mac Mini Security Mount

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