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Lectrotab XKAF12X9 Xka Stainless Steel Trim Tab Kit Wrocker Switch - 12 X 9

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XKA Stainless Steel Trim Tab Kit with Rocker Switch - 12 x 9The Lectrotab stainless steel trim tab design provides unmatched strength and reliability. All stainless steel tabs are fabricated with a continuous rolled and pinned hinge. This design eliminates the need for welding.Combined with a precision-engineered actuator, this kit is built to combine quiet operation with a non-hydraulic, maintenance free design. The unit is corrosion free, ensures very accurate tab positioning, provides maximum lift force, and is totally self-contained for easy installation. The actuator assembly is packaged in a non-metallic permanently sealed housing. No components need to be installed inside the boat.Most importantly, unlike hydraulic trim tabs, there is no oil to leak out. The actuator incorporates either a standard or low profile transom mounting bracket.Lectrotab's new flat rocker switch has improved sealing to prevent water entry and recessed rocker to prevent breaking. Specially designed to provide and "instant stop" circuit when the switches are released, thus preventing actuator over-run.Features:

  • Continuous rolled and pinned hinge provides added strength and eliminates the need for welding
  • Upper ram seal location cannot be damaged due to fouled ram or barnacle growth
  • Utilizes internal pressure equalization system
  • Internal brake system prevents unwanted tab movement when under way or backing down
  • Quiet operation
  • Actuators are fully load tested to push 1000 lbs of force
  • Non-metallic external structure which cannot corrode and will not deteriorate in the sun or under water
Technical Specifications:
  • Trim Tab Size (L x W) - 12" x 9" (30 x 23 cm)
  • Boat Length - 18' to 29' (5.5 to 8.5 M)
  • Trim Tab Material - 12 gauge, 304 Stainless Steel
  • Actuator DC Voltage - 12 V
  • Actuator Stroke Length - 2.25" (57 mm)
  • Actuator Cable Length - 23' (7 M)
  • Actuator Vertical Height - 11.875" (302 mm)
  • Rocker Switch Dimensions (W x H) - 3.125" x 3.25" (79.4 x 82.5 mm)
  • Rocker Switch Mounting Hole Cutout (H x W) - 2.25" x 2" (57.5 x 50 mm)
  • Rocker Switch Operating Voltage - 12 or 24 V
In the Box:
  • One (1) Flat Rocker Switch
  • Two (2) Stainless Steel tabs
  • Two (2) actuators w/23' (7 M) cables
  • Instruction Manual
*Sold as a Kit

Lectrotab XKAF12X9 Xka Stainless Steel Trim Tab Kit Wrocker Switch - 1

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Lectrotab XKAF12X9 Xka Stainless Steel Trim Tab Kit Wrocker Switch - 12 X 9

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