Fluke PRO3000F60-KIT Pro3000f60-kit Pro3000f Probe

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Product InformationStop the Buzz. Find Cables Faster with Clear, Precise Toning. Signal Interference can be caused by multiple sources (i.e. power cables, fans, lighting, etc.) and can make tracing communication cabling almost impossible. The Pro3000F probe utilizes innovative filter technology to obstruct signal interference to make tracing your cable easier, regardless of the work environment.The Pro3000F Filtered probe becomes even more useful when paired with the Pro3000 Tone Generator. The Pro3000 Tone Generator allows for direct connections to unterminated wire using the angle bed of nails clips or terminated RJ-type jacks with the male RJ-11 plug. The tone generators strong tone and SmartTone Technology allows for precise pair identification up to 10 miles (16 km) away.Technicians can also switch between filtered and unfiltered modes with a simple push of a button. The probe's loud speaker also allows for use in noisy locations for tracing cable through drywall, wood and other enclosures. The probe also touts an auto-off feature that deactivates the probe after 5 minutes to conserve battery life.FeaturesInnovative filtered probe obstructs signal of 50 hz external interferenceTone and trace wire on non-active networksSmartTone technology provides five distinct tones for exact pair identificationSends loud tone up to 16 kilometers (10 miles) on most cablesLoud speaker on Probe makes the tone easier to hear through drywall, wood, and other enclosures
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Fluke PRO3000F60-KIT Pro3000f60-kit Pro3000f Probe


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