Acoustic PR19925 Proseries Ii 25ft Dvi Video Cable W 24k Goldplated Connectors

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Acoustic Research


Acoustic Research ProSeries II 25ft DVI Video Cable w/ 24k GoldPlated


Product Information

The Acoustic Research 25 ft. DVI Video Cable has a dual link design with high purity oxygen free copper conductors with 24K gold-plated, precision made DVI connectors. It feature high density multiple shield layers and supports HDTV formats including 720p and 1080i. The Acoustic Research cable is designed to enhance your home theater experience. You will enjoy significantly improved resolution, lifelike detail, and an overall greater video performance.

Product Features
  • 24K gold-plated, precision DVI connector
    Corrosion-free, precise connection lowers signal resistance for enhanced picture clarity

  • High-purity silver-soldered internal connections
    Accurate digital signal transfer for true video reproduction

  • Dense multi-shielded design with two 95% copper braids and nine 100% aluminum Mylar foils
    Optimum isolation from EMI and RFI interference for enhanced digital video performance

  • Dual link high bandwidth DVI design
    Provides superior digital video picture reproduction and universal compatibility with High Definition TVs and components

  • Nitrogen-injected foam dielectrics
    Maintains optimum signal integrity to maximize signal transfer even in longer cable runs

  • Stranded 99.97% pure oxygen-free copper conductors
    Minimizes resistance and signal loss for exceptional digital data transfer for accurate video reproduction

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Acoustic PR19925 Proseries Ii 25ft Dvi Video Cable W 24k Goldplated Connectors


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