Cablesys ICC-IC107DSCWH Icc Icc-ic107dscwh Module, Speaker, Dual, White

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ICC S new Dual Speaker Spring Clip modules provide a clean connection point for speaker wire pairs and 50% less space within the faceplate. They easily handle speaker wiring up to 12 AWG to provide high fidelity sound by allowing for connection to high wattage speakers. The push pins are black and red and the front and back of the modules are embossed with + and - signs making it easy to install speakers with the polarity

- White Speaker Keystone Jack
- Provides exceptional performance
- Reduces faceplates size by 1 to 2 gangs for home theatre systems
- Allows an entire 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 surround sound systems to be installed within a 12 or 18 port faceplate depending on type of installation
- Capable of using up to 16 AWG speaker wires for front connection
- Black and red push buttons with + and - signs for correct polarity and easy installation
- Easy installation with solder-less crimp-on rear wire connection
- Provides a more finished professional appearance than traditional installations
- Includes two female push pin type connectors suitable for 16-14 AWG speaker wires
- Compatible with all standard faceplates, wall plates, Decora inserts, surface mount boxes, and blank patch panels
- UL listed
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Cablesys ICC-IC107DSCWH Icc Icc-ic107dscwh Module, Speaker, Dual, White


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