Cablesys ICC-IC1078F6AL Icc Module Cat 6 Hd Almond

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The ICC CAT 6-HD Category 6 high density modular connector has been introduced to satisfy needs for jacks where small overall size of the module is essential. The ICC CAT 6-HD delivers the same supererior performance of the ICC CAT 6-EZ modular jack and features a smaller footprint. The CAT 6-HD modular jack is avaulable in 11 colors fits all ICC faceplates inserts and bezels. The CAT 6-HD modular jack exceeds CAT 6 Channel and permanent link

- CAT 6 rated connectors provide excellent performance for data networks requiring maximum speed and bandwidth
- PCB technology provides maximum performance and superior signal quality
- Enhanced crosstalk cancellation reduces return loss and improves performance by rejecting noise and unwanted signals
- Exceeds ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 6 connecting hardware requirements
- Designed with rear split back 110 IDC reducing termination time
- Terminate with 110 punch down tool ICACSPDT00
- Reduced rear footprint allows for greater connectivity density and provides for more port configurations in a smaller area
- Includes an integrated TIA-568A/B color wiring diagram
- Backwards compatible to all lower rated category components
- Compatible with all ICC configurable faceplates, inserts, surface mount boxes, and blank patch panels
- Compatible with all ICC furniture faceplates, Elite bezels, and Elite surface mount boxes
- Used with Category 6 patch cords
- Installation instructions included
- Exceeds ANSI/TIA-568-C requirements for permanent, channel link and component performances
- UL 1863 Compliant
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Cablesys ICC-IC1078F6AL Icc Module Cat 6 Hd Almond


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