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Geographics Forms & Record Keeping

Geographics Forms & Record Keeping

Phone: 203-644-1271

Geographics was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1974. The business moved to Blaine, Washinghton and in 2002, Geographics was acquired by Mafcote Inc, a family business with a tradition of over 100 years, the oldest manufacturer of Royal Lace® paper doilies, and one of the largest paper coating companies in the US. The Geographics® Brand Image was introduced in 1992. GeoPaper® by Geographics was to become the leader in high-quality desktop publishing paper sold throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. GeoPaper® was sold in fine displays through retail stores. These designer paper products and fine papers became soon, widely available and desirable. GeoPaper® was a new concept meant for the small businesses who could not afford or care to have a business identity or professionally designed logos. It also became interesting for schools and home users who needed a paper to enhance their message, something they could personalize and print fast. "Grab attention", "Make a bold statement" and “Do it Yourself” were the three large benefits that a customer could get with GeoPaper® . All of these, at an affordable price. Just what he needed. The idea was to offer pre-printed business sets or ensambles where coordinating designs in letterheads, envelopes, tri-fold brochures, business cards, tent cards, post cards, note cards and mailing labels, would satisfy every business need for paper and collateral materials. The designer stationery for personal use had a large variety of uses from cards and invitations, menus, press releases, resumes, fliers, reports, certificates, diplomas, awards, posters, newsletters, announcements, poems, notices, programs and signs, to notes, memos, correspondence, quotations and more. Also, Geographics offered and still offers a line of Executive Class of unprinted Premium Paper or Fine Paper like Granite, Marble, Parchment, Speckled, Sonora and more.

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