Quick delete files larger than 100MB in linux

We had a server full error and after searching the web we were able to empty out our drive by 50% you can use the following command to find the files that are bigger than certain mbs

just change 100M to any size that you want to find. If you want to delete all file just change the word -depth to -delete. Be careful this command is irreversible.

find /home -type f -size +100M -depth

BlueParrott C400-XT

Lots of our customers have showed interest in BlueParrott C400-XT so I figure I would do a quick review of this item.  First of I figure will give you the specs on this item

The Bluetooth BlueParrott C400-XT VXI-204151-B Headset Bundle with Bonus Windscreen Microphone Cushions, is the premium quality, convertible choice for road warriors. With a choice of wearing styles, over-the-head and two behind-the-neck options (left and right), perfect for those who wear hats. Its large leatherette ear cushion delivers better comfort and sound. The C400-XT also gives you 24+ hours of talk time, so you can talk all day. While 96% noise cancelation—combined with its IP54-rated water resistance and cold temperature rating—lets you take calls anywhere. VoiceControlTM for call answering/ignoring makes the C400-XT truly hands free.

Key Features
Be heard clearly with the industry’s best noise-canceling (96%) microphone technology
Choose your wearing style: over the head or behind the neck.
Handle incoming calls totally hands-free with VoiceControl.
Roam up to 300 feet* from paired devices.
Set the Parrott Button to your choice of mute, speed dial and more.
Hear and understand every word with HD VoiceT Tap to pair** with an NFC-enabled phone or other BluetoothTM device.
Choice of leatherette or foam ear cushion.
Talk for over 24 hours per battery charge.

* When paired with other Class 1 devices. With standard Bluetooth devices, the C400-XT can provide up to 66 feet of range.
** One-touch pairing requires an NFC-capable cell phone or device.

What’s in the Box

✅ VXi BlueParrot C400-XT Bluetooth Headset – VXI-204151-B
✅ Over-the-head wearing style and Behind the neck
✅ Car charger
✅ Leatherette and Foam Cushion
✅ Additional Bonus Windscreen Microphone Cushions


And here is what people are saying about it:

As an operator for an answering service I found the great blessing of having both hands free to type and get important message to the proper destination. I also find the clarity is essential as well for both parties. Now I have the same hands free for my life off time as I have at work. I can safely drive, clean dishes, or even landscape hands free while talking on the phone. Not only that, my friend who needs hearing aids finds bluetooth as a blessing. She has no need to keep her hearing aids in as these are plenty loud on their own. All I need to do is say “answer” without touching a button and I am talking. It is not essential to be a truck driver to have one, as this is a very useful addition to anyone tired of neck cramps holding their phone to their ear with their shoulders. These are simple to use with little knowledge of high tech skills. Just try one and you will have to have one. That is all there is to it. It is worth the cost.


Aztek Computers had many issues when it came to handling our marketplace listings, orders trackings etc. Now with help of brokerden.com we are at ease with their one feed submit all idea we just sit back and relax. We send them our product feed once and they send it to all the marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Newegg eBay and many more. They even create a feed for Google and Bing merchant center. We are also happy that they can create shipping labels right from our account. All the orders are consolidated in one place and we just process them. We can update the tracking in our account and they send it to all the respective sites and respective orders wow! The even have a service where they automatically update our price for different marketplaces and help us minimize errors. In all so far we are thrilled and did I mention it is very affordable.