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With the Samsung Pro TV, content becomes as dynamic as your customers. Powered by a Crystal 4K processor, every piece of content is rich, colorful and full of fine detail. And in just three easy steps, you can upload dynamic content right from your phone or tablet with the Samsung Business TV

<h2>At a glance</h2><p>Samsung's Pro TV offers a stunning 4K display, sleek design with easy setup and endless custom content possibilities for your business. Create lasting impressions with brilliant Crystal UHD picture quality. Do more with a high-performance TV that won't let you or your customers down. And you can set up your TV with custom content quickly and easily.</p><br /><ul> <li> Powerful Crystal UHD delivers a super crisp and clear picture that's 4X more powerful than the resolution of full HD</li> <li> Create and upload dynamic, eye-catching content to your TV in three easy steps from your phone or tablet</li> <li> Reliable business TV with a 3-year warranty and proven quality assurance from Samsung</li> <li> Sleek and feature-rich at a price that’s right for you and your wallet</li></ul><br /><div class="col-md-6"><h3>Powerful Crystal UHD Picture Quality</h3><p>With an ultra-fast Crystal 4K processor and Crystal UHD resolution, you’ll take your content to the next level. Content will be displayed with more accurate and smoother color in brilliant 4K, no matter the source.</p><br /><h4>Every Detail Counts</h4><p>With the Samsung Pro TV’s high dynamic range, you can showcase every detail in a wide spectrum of colors. Content comes to life, even in dark scenes.</p><br /><h4>Slim and Modern</h4><p>The sleek, elegant and minimalistic design draws you into the screen from any angle. With sizes ranging from 43 to 75”, Pro TV naturally fits your space.</p><br /><h4>A TV You Can Count On</h4><p>Featuring an impressive 3-year warranty, the Samsung Pro TV is built to operate reliably 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Day in and day out, you can depend on your Samsung Pro TV to play what you want, when you want it.</p><br /><h4>Plug and Play the Content You Want</h4><p>Show what your customers want to watch with built-in tuners and multiple input ports. Your Samsung Pro TV can also play your favorite content from YouTube. From the big game to prime-time news, broadcasted by cable or by external media player, you’re in control.</p><br /></div><div class="col-md-6"><h4>Not a Content Expert? No Problem.</h4><p>With the intuitive Samsung Business TV app (available for Android and iOS) you can create and upload dynamic, eye-catching content to multiple TVs from your smartphone or tablet in three easy steps.</p><br /><h4>Create Eye-Catching Content</h4><p>With the Samsung Business TV App, choose from more than 100 customizable templates sorted by industry and content type, including L-bar layouts, embedded motion, seasonal sales and other pre-designed promotion.</p><br /><h4>Talk to Your Customers</h4><p>The slideshow feature allows you to change your message anytime. With a few clicks of a button, seamlessly update the latest information and promotions on your Pro TV. Content becomes as dynamic as your customers.</p><br /><h4>Show Off Your Own Content</h4><p>You know your customers best. The Samsung Business TV app gives you the freedom to showcase your custom content, your way. Display your own photos from your smartphone or tablet.</p></div>
Mfg#: BE75T
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