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      Phone: 1.877.283.3475

      Every business begins with a vision—an idea that there must be something bigger and better. But truly successful companies strive to go one step further with innovation—finding creative solutions that impact an ever-changing world. ​ That’s what happened here at DATASTOR™. We started our journey in June 2005 because we weren’t satisfied with the status quo; we knew it was time for a fundamental change in the way IT pros deal with data protection. We felt shackled by the old ways of thinking when it came to keeping data secure, and we were fed up with confusing systems that often didn’t work when it really counts—when data needs to be recovered. We were confident that we could come up with a better solution to the other seemingly complicated, and overly-engineered backup and restore products—and we believe we have built a better solution. ​ After a humbling trial of hard work, determination, patience, true passion for what we do, and lots of innovation, we developed the ArchiveIQ™ integrated content engine, the genesis for the DATASTOR Shield™ family of data-protection products. ​ All of our products harness the power of our patented, state-of-the-art, source-based deduplication technology, providing a fully integrated backup, restore, replication and vaulting solution for businesses of all sizes. We have created what we believe to be the finest data-protection products on the market, and we never stop innovating, by continuing to improve our deduplication engine and making large volumes of data even more manageable.