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Radeon HD 7870 eye 6 2GB GDDR5


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VisionTek Radeon HD7870 eye 6 2GB GDDR5 PCI Express*; 6x mini displayport (Windows Vista or Windows 7 required for more than 2 monitors) Windows XP limited to 2 monitors. 2GB GDDR5 memory; ATI Eyefinity technology multi-display support for up to 6 displays; ATI Stream technology; Designed for DirectCompute 11 and OpenCL; Accelerated Video Transcoding (AVT); Compliant with DirectX 11 and earlier revisions; Supports DirectX 11 and OpenGL 3.2; ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU support for highly scalable performance; ATI Avivo HD video and display technology Advanced dynamic power management with ATI PowerPlay technology 6 mini DisplayPort connectors.

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