Inland 70129 Deluxe Keyboard With Office Application

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Type in comfort and with efficiency using the Inland u-Touch Office Keyboard. It features 33 enhanced hot keys for quick access to Office application functions, frequently used shortcuts and websites. There are also buttons for multimedia control. A convenient keyboard scroll wheel helps you navigate the web and documents. This multimedia keyboard features a USB port for plugging in a flash drive, a mouse or another device. A user-friendly

Inland u-Touch Office Keyboard:33 hot keysBig scroll bar with glowing light in keyboard for browsing web sites or documents freelyWith 1 USB extension port for plugging input device with easeInland keyboard offers user-friendly design for anti-RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury)New concept of interactive relationship between keyboard and mouseDirect access to frequently used applications, tasks and functionsDirect access to Euro dollar signSave up to 70% of your time and work with typing and movements between keyboard and mouse
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Inland 70129 Deluxe Keyboard With Office Application


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