Adesso 2MB503 Nuscan 7400tr Handheld Barcode Scanner Wireless Connect

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The Adesso Nuscan 7400TR is the ultimate wireless barcode scanning solution. With its maximum scanning rate at 200 scans per second, users will find increase in their work efficiencies. The Nuscan 7400TR?s new decoding engine allows it to decode common 2D barcodes such as QR Code, PDF 417, and Data Matrix. It also scans common 1D barcodes. With the 2.4 GHz RF Wireless Technology, users will find connecting the scanner with your machine a breeze.

Retired Part Numbers: NUSCAN 7400TR

Mechanical: Material: ABS+PVC+PC Electrical: Power Input voltage: 5 V+/- 0.25 DC Working Current: 245 +/- 12 mA Maximum Current: 317 +/-16 mA Battery: 3.7V, 1500mAH Charging Time: 3.5 hrs Light Source: LED, red Performance: Interface: 2.4GHz Wireless Capacity : 64k, up to 3,500 barcodes with 14 characters Wireless Range: Up to 100 ft. Sensor: CMOS Resolution: 5mils Code 39, 8.7mil(QR) at PCS 45% Depth of Field: up to 10 inches (code39 at 15 mil and QR at 20mil) Motion Tolerance: 24 inches per second(IPS) Scan Angle : Roll 0-360o, Pitch +/-65o, Yaw +/-60o Print Contrast: 35% Alert Operation: LED light indicator and beeper

Mfg#: 2MB503
Updated: May 24, 2022
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Adesso 2MB503 Nuscan 7400tr Handheld Barcode Scanner Wireless Connect

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