Summerfield 29313S Versatile Foldable 4-level Plant Stand

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Summerfield Terrace


Think of all the display possibilities! Not only is this plant stand foldable to fit in any area and in many configurations, but it's got four height levels for lots of creative ways to display different plants. 32 x 8 x 24.75 inches tall. Each platform: 6.5 inches in diameter x 2 inches tall. Black finish meta. lPlants and pots not included. Maximum weight 20 pounds per platform (80 pounds

Form meets function in this versatile design! This interesting screen has four graduated-height panels, each topped with a secure plant shelf; foldable to fit any area.

32" x 6 1/2 " x 24 3/4" high. The planters measure 6½” diameter x 2” high. Black finish metal. Plants and pots not included. UPC: 849179011864.

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Summerfield 29313S Versatile Foldable 4-level Plant Stand


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