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Raritan 220HF01202 Marine Elegance Household Style White Freshwater Heavyduty Push Button Control 12v

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Marine Elegance™The Marine Elegance is the ultimate in electric marine toilets. Offering the luxury of a full size seat in a one piece china bowl developed with a unique mounting system. It offers a super small footprint at just 8 ½” x 9 ¾”.  All toilets are now supplied with a slow close toilet seat that includes stops to help prevent the seat from shifting while in use during heavy seas. With the same Vortex-Vac technology also

Marine Elegance

Household Style
Heavy-Duty Push-Button Control

Raritans new Vortex Vac Flush Technology eliminates the need for vacuum pumps and tanks as well as foot pedals and other mechanical components that can fail. This results in a system that is easier to install with significant cost savings.

The vacuum is created directly in the bowl eliminating old style below deck components

This unmatched flushing action is the quietest and most efficient in its class yet uses only a small amount of water extending the useful capacity of most holding tanks.

All discharge components are located within the bowl reducing installation time and costs

A solenoid valve is conveniently located within the bowl to provide for use with onboard pressurized water along with a vaccuum break for added security of your fresh water supply

  • quiet operation
  • Unmatched rinsing capabilities
  • Low water consumption
  • Built in shredder reduces clogs
  • Built-in discharge loop contained within the bowl
  • Can pump 10ft vertically, or 100 ft horizontally
  • One piece construction
  • Unique mounting system allows for ease of cleaning
  • Reduced weight while adding additional support where needed
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Raritan 220HF01202 Marine Elegance Household Style White Freshwater Heavyduty Push Button Control 12v


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