Refurbished 8gb 1333mhz Ddr3 Ecc Reg Cl9 240pin Dimm X4 Hynix B KVR1333D3D4R9S/8GHB

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Manufacturer:Kingston Technology CompanyManufacturer Part Number:KVR1333D3D4R9S/8GHBManufacturer Website Address:www.kingston.comBrand Name:KingstonProduct Line:ValueRAMProduct Model:KVR1333D3D4R9S/8GHBProduct Name:ValueRAM KVR1333D3D4R9S/8GHB 8GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory ModuleMarketing Information:ValueRAM is Kingston's high-quality line of 'by spec' generic memory designed with the price conscious system builder, assembler and white box markets in mind. ValueRAM is backed by a lifetime warranty and is 100% tested both internally and through Advanced Validation Labs (AVL). AVL testing ensures all modules comply with JEDEC specifications.Product Type:RAM ModuleTechnical InformationMemory Size:Memory Technology:DDR3 SDRAMNumber of Modules:1 x 8 GBMemory Speed:1333 MHzError Checking:Signal Processing:RegisteredPhysical CharacteristicsNumber of Pins:240-pinForm Factor:Shipping InformationShipping Dimensions :2.0" Height x 2.5" Width x 7.0" DepthShipping Weight :0.14 lbMiscellaneousCompatibility:Server: ASUS/ASmobile - KCMA-D8 Motherboard Tyan Computers - S7010 Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTT-IBX Motherboard Supermicro - X8DT3 Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTi Motherboard Supermicro - X8DT3-LN4F Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTN+ Motherboard Supermicro - SuperServer 7046A-HR+F Supermicro - X8DAH+ Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTU Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTL-3 Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile - Z8PE-D12 / Z8PE-D12X (ASMB4-IKVM) Server Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile - Z8NR-D12 Server Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile - Z8NA-D6 Server Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTU-F Motherboard Supermicro - X8DAH+-F Motherboard Supermicro - X8DT3-F Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTi-F Motherboard Supermicro - X8DA3 Motherboard Supermicro - X8DAi Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTi-LN4F Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTH-6 Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTH-i Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTT Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTT-IBQ Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTT-INF Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTW-3 Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTW-i Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTL-i Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile - Z8PE-D18 Server Motherboard Tyan Computers - S7002 Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTH-6F Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTH-iF Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTT-F Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTT-IBQF Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTT-IBXF Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTT-INFF Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTL-3F Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTL-iF Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile - Z8NH-D12 Server Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile - RS500-E6/PS4 Rackmount Server ASUS/ASmobile - RS520-E6/RS8 Rackmount Server ASUS/ASmobile - RS700D-E6/PS8 Rackmount Server ASUS/ASmobile - RS700-E6/RS4 Rackmount Server Supermicro - X8DTW-3F Motherboard Supermicro - X8DTW-iF Motherboard Tyan Computers - S7012 Motherboard Tyan Computers - GT20-B7002 Server Supermicro - SuperServer 6016T-T Supermicro - SuperServer 6016T-MT Supermicro - SuperServer 6026T-NTR+ Supermicro - SuperWorkstation 7046A-3 Supermicro - SuperServer 6016T-URF Supermicro - SuperServer 1026T-URF Supermicro - SuperServer 1026T-UF Supermicro - SuperWorkstation𗬖A-T Tyan Computers - S7016 Motherboard Tyan Computers - GT24-B7016 Rackmount Server Supermicro - SuperServer 6016TT-TF Supermicro - SuperServer 6016TT-IBXF Supermicro - SuperServer 6016TT-IBQF Supermicro - SuperServer 1026TT-TF Supermicro - SuperServer𖎒TT-IBXF Supermicro - SuperServer 1026TT-IBQF ASUS/ASmobile - Z8NA-D6C Server Motherboard Supermicro - SuperServer 6016T-NTF Supermicro - SuperServer 6016T-MR Supermicro - SuperServer 6016T-NTRF Supermicro - SuperServer 6016T-UF MSI - 709-92C2-02S Server Supermicro - SuperServer 6026TT-BTF Supermicro - SuperServer 6026T-3RF Supermicro - SuperServer 6026TT-BIBQRF Supermicro - SuperServer 6026TT-BTRF Supermicro - SuperServer 6026TT-BIBXRF Supermicro - SuperServer𗜚TT-BIBQF Supermicro - SuperServer 6026T-URF Supermicro - SuperServer 6026TT-TF Supermicro - SuperServer 6026TT-IBXF Supermicro - SuperServer 6026TT-IBQF Supermicro - SuperServer 6026TT-BIBXF Supermicro - SuperServer 6016GT-TF-TM2 Supermicro - SuperServer𗜐GT-TF-TC2 Tyan Computers - S7025 Motherboard Supermicro - SuperServer 6016GT-TF Supermicro - X8DTG-DF
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