Refurbished 313885 292 314796 001 512mb Kingston KTC-D320/512

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Condition: Refurbished
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313885-292 314796-001 512MB KINGSTON Kingston is the world's largest independent memory manufacturer. In today's performance-driven environment, memory upgrades provide an easy, economical alternative to increase system performance. Every memory product Kingston offers is designed to help you get maximum performance at the best price to you. This memory is designed for the following HP/Compaq systems: Business Desktop dx6050; Evo Business Desktop D220 / D220M; Evo Business Desktop D230; Evo Business Desktop D320MT/D320ST; Evo Business Desktop D325; Evo Business Desktop D330 Series; Evo Business Desktop D530 Ultra-Slim Desktop; Evo Business Desktop dc5000 c500S/c500M; Evo Business Desktop dx2000; Evo Business Desktop D530 SFF/Convertible Minitower; Media Center 876x; Media Center 896c; Media Center m260n; Media Center m270/m270n; Media Center m280n; Media Center m300y; Media Center Photosmart PC; Media Center m370n; Media Center m376n; Media Center m377n; Media Center m380 Photosmart PC; Media Center Photosmart PC; Media Center m380n; Media Center m385c/m385c-b; Media Center m390n; Pavilion 525c-b; Pavilion 725n; Pavilion 735n; Pavilion 746c; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion a210a; Pavilion a210y (CTO); Pavilion; Pavilion a220a; Pavilion a220n; Pavilion; Pavilion a230n; Pavilion; Pavilion a244w; Pavilion a245c/a245c-b; Pavilion a250e (CTO); Pavilion a250n; Pavilion a250y (CTO); Pavilion a255c/a255c-b; Pavilion a257c; Pavilion a264w; Pavilion a265c/a265c-b; Pavilion a305wm; Pavilion a307x/a307x-b; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion a310e (CTO); Pavilion a316n; Pavilion a320n; Pavilion; Pavilion a330n; Pavilion a340n; Pavilion a342n; Pavilion a345c/a345c-b; Pavilion a347x; Pavilion a350e (CTO); Pavilion a350n; Pavilion a350y (CTO); Pavilion a362n; Pavilion a367c/a367c-b; Pavilion a375c; Pavilion a384x/a384x-b; Pavilion; Pavilion a410e; Pavilion; Pavilion a420a; Pavilion a420n; Pavilion a430n; Pavilion a500n; Pavilion; Pavilion a510e (CTO); Pavilion a510n; Pavilion a520n; Pavilion a530e (CTO); Pavilion a530n; Pavilion; Pavilion a600n; Pavilion a600y (CTO); Pavilion a610e (CTO); Pavilion a614n; Pavilion a620n; Pavilion a622n; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion a643n; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion j208cn; Pavilion j210cn; Pavilion j212cn; Pavilion j218cn; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion m380n/m380n-b; Pavilion m390n; Pavilion t120m; Pavilion t123d; Pavilion t124a/t134a; Pavilion t125d; Pavilion; Pavilion t130m; Pavilion t132d; Pavilion; Pavilion t140m; Pavilion t142d; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion t150d; Pavilion t152d; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion t180d; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion t202cn; Pavilion t206cn; Pavilion t220i; Pavilion t220m; Pavilion t222d; Pavilion t230a; Pavilion t230i; Pavilion t230m; Pavilion t232d; Pavilion; Pavilion t240a; Pavilion t240m; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion t250i; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion t268d; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion t278d; Pavilion t280d; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion Photosmart; Pavilion Photosmart PC; Pavilion Photosmart PC; Pavilion; Pavilion; Pavilion Photosmart PC; Pavilion Photosmart PC; Pavilion t380a; Pavilion; Pavilion t440m; Pavilion Photosmart; Pavilion t460a; Pavilion t620a (CTO); Point of Sale System rp5000; Presario 6010CA/6015CA; Presario 6020US; Presario 6027; Presario 6030; Presario 6125AP; Presario 6130; Presario 6146AP; Presario 6201IL; Presario 6202AN; Presario 6207; Presario 6214AN; Presario 6220IN; Presario 6226AN; Presario 6230AN; Presario 6235IN; Presario 6240; Presario 6240IN; Presario 6250IN; Presario 6254; Presario 6300CA; Presario 6310CA; Presario 6330CA; Presario 6331RSH; Presario 6400NX/6410NX; Presario 6401RSH; Presario 6410LA/6415LA; Presario 6410LS; Presario 6420LA/6430LA; Presario 6420LS/6430LS; Presario 6420NX; Presario 6422SE-B; Presario 6505UK; Presario 6511; Presario 6512UK; Presario 6515; Presario 6520UK; Presario 6530; Presario 6540FR; Presario 6550/6551; Presario 6550FR; Presario 6615TC; Presario 6627AU; Presario 6640FI/6660FI; Presario 6680FI; Presario 8000 (DDR); Presario 8000T (CTO); Presario S3010AN; Presario S3010AP; Presario S3010CL; Presario S3010CL-B; Presario S3010IL; Presario S3020AP; Presario S3030IL; Presario S3040SE-B; Presario S3050AN; Presario S3050UK; Presario S3060AN; Presario S3080AN; Presario S3110AP; Presario S3120AN; Presario S3120IN; Presario S3150AP; Presario S3150UK; Presario S3160AP; Presario S3180AN; Presario S3210IN; Presario S3220AP; Presario S3220IN; Presario S3240IN; Presario S3260AP; Presario S3270AN; Presario S3310CL/S3310CL-B/S3310NX; Presario S3350UK; Presario S3380AN; Presario S3500CL/S3500CL-B/S3500NX; Presario S3610LA; Presario S3630LA; Presario S3650LA; Presario S3750UK; Presario S4000NX; Presario S4000T (CTO); Presario S4000V (CTO); Presario S4000Z (CTO); Presario S4010AP; Presario S4010CL/S4010CL-B; Presario S4020IL; Presario S4020WM-B.  
Product DescriptionKingston memory - 512 MB - DIMM 184-pin - DDR
Storage Capacity512 MB
Upgrade TypeSystem specific
OEM Manufacturer Equivalent Part NumberHP DC340A, HP DK233-69001, HP 313885-292, HP 314796-001, HP DC340X, HP HP01-04RAM01, HP HP01-05RAM01
TechnologyDDR SDRAM
Form FactorDIMM 184-pin
Memory Speed333 MHz ( PC2700 )
Data Integrity CheckNon-ECC
Latency TimingsCL2.5
Supply Voltage2.5 V
Lead PlatingGold
Manufacturer WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty ( Germany, Austria and France - 10 years )
Storage Capacity512 MB
Upgrade TypeSystem specific
OEM Manufacturer Equivalent Part NumberHP DC340A, HP DK233-69001, HP 313885-292, HP 314796-001, HP DC340X, HP HP01-04RAM01, HP HP01-05RAM01
TechnologyDDR SDRAM
Form FactorDIMM 184-pin


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