Refurbished Mfp Dual Arack Mount Wm JWD210B

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Condition: Refurbished
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Chief's commitment to responding to growing industry needs is evident through a full line of mounts, lifts and accessories for LCD/DLP/CRT projectors and flat panel displays utilizing plasma and LCD technologies. This product is designed for: Barco; Shark; Solaris LC40; Batesias; DV2680; DV3070; DV3080; LM2710; LM3010; BenQ; DV2680; DV3070; DV3080; Christie; FP40; FP400; X30; Clarity; BAY CAT SN-4610-1080; Bobcat SN-4025-WX; Bobcat SN-4035-WX; Dell; W2600; W3000; Electrograph; DTS30LT; DTS32LT; Epoq; HTV-30A1; HTV-30A2; Gateway; 30; Harsper; HL-3200; HL-3210; Hewlett-Packard; LC2640N; LC3040N; Hitachi; 28LD5200; 32HDT20; 32HDT50; 32HDT55; 32HDX60;ΤPD3000; 32PD5000; 32PD5200; 32PD7800; Iiyama; PLL260W; PLL320W; PLL323W; PLL400W; PLL403W; JVC; GD-30L1G; LT-26WX84; LT-26X575; LT-26X576; LT-32C31; LT-32WX84; LT-32X575; LT-32X585; LG Electronics;ΞLX1D; 32LP1D; 32LX1D; 32LX2D; 32LX3DC; 32LX3DCS; DU-30LZ30; L3000; L3020; L3200AK; L3200T; L3200TK; RM-26LZ30; RM-32LZ50; RU-27LZ50C; RU-30LZ50; RU-32LZ50; RZ-32LZ50; Luce; LCTV-30SDA; Luxeon; VIVITEK LT30PL1; Maxent; MX-30X1; Mitsubishi; LCD3000; LT-3020; LT-3040; LT-3050; LT-3280D; LT-3780D; MLM-300; MLM-400; Monivision; LWX-30MMS; PD-3231; NEC; LCD3000; LCD3210; LCD4000; LCD4010; LCD4610; NEC-Mitsubishi; LCD3000; NuVision; NVX32HDU; NVX37HDU; Olevia; LT30HV; LT32HV; Ovideon; LC3000W; Philips; 300WN5; Proview; HX263; Samsung;ⒸP; 400PN; LN-R3228; LN-R327W; LN-R328W; LN-R329D; LN-R408D; LN-R409D; Sceptre; X30; Sharp; LC-32D5U; LC-32D7U; LC-32G4U; LC-32GA4E; LC-32GA4U; LC-32GA5U; LC-32GD1; LC-32GD4U; LC-32GD60; LC-32GD6U; LC-37AD1E; LC-37D5U; LC-37D7U; LC-37G4U; LC-37GA3H; LC-37GA5E; LC-37GB5U; LC-37GD4U; LC-37GD6U; LC-37HV4D; LC-37HV4E; LC-37HV4H; LC-37HV4M; LC-37HV4U; LC-37HV6U; LCM3700; Sony; KDL-V32XBR1; KLV-32M1; KLV-S32A10; Syntax; LT30HV; LT32HV; LT37HV; Toshiba; 30WL46; 32HL84; P32LSA; Viewsonic; N2750W; Westinghouse; LTV-32W1; LVM37W1; W33000; W33001; Zenith; RU-30LZ50; Z32LZ5R.
Product Description Chief JWD-210B - mounting kit
Product Type Mounting kit - wall-mountable
Mounting Components Dual arm
Recommended Use Flat panel
Recommended Display Size 26" - 40"
Flat Panel Mount Interface 100 x 100 mm, 100 x 200 mm, 200 x 200 mm
Max Load Weight 75 lbs
Color Black
Color Black
AV Furniture
Type Mounting kit
Mounting Components Dual arm
Recommended Use Flat panel
Placing / Mounting Wall-mountable
Flat Panel Mount Interface 100 x 100 mm, 100 x 200 mm, 200 x 200 mm
Recommended Display Size 26" - 40"
Max Load Weight 75 lbs
Features Gravity-Centered Tilt
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