Refurbished Go! Motion Sensor GO-MOT

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Go! Motion...Go!Motion is our next-generation motion detector that connects directly to a computer's USB port-eliminating the need for an additional data-collection interface. Students learn experientially as they graph the motion of a ball a cart on a ramp pendulum motion or themselves. The new Go!Motion is easy to use allowing students to focus on learning scientific concepts instead of setting up the lab. Go!Motion's head pivots to match the needs of your lab. Flip the head halfway for monitoring the motion of a cart on a track. Or flip the⏜ degrees to record motion data from a tripod. Go!Motion features reduced noise and automatic temperature compensation to ensure motion readings are continuously accurate. The sensitivity switch lets you customize settings to your experiment. Measure motion data as close asΓ cm and as far away as 6 m! Go!Motion can be used with Windows and Macintosh computers through the USB port. It can also be used with the LabPro CBL 2 or TI graphing calculators (additional cable required). Go!Motion excels in both the science and math classrooms! Go!Motion comes bundled with our Logger Lite data-collection software so you can see data graphed in real time examine data point by point annotate different experiment runs and more! Want to synchronize motion data with video? You'll want Logger Pro.
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