Refurbished Lion Battery Asus 111v 5000mah A8 F8 Z99 Series AS-A8

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LION BATT ASUS 11.1V 5000MAH A8 F8 Z99 S BTI - Notebook battery - 1 x lithium ion 6-cell 5000 mAh - for ASUS A8Dc; A8E; A8Le; A8N; A8Sc; F80; F8P; F8Sg; F8Sn; F8Sp; F8Sr; F8VA; F8VR; X80; X83 Need a battery for Asus Laptops/Notebooks with the following model numbers: A8, F8, Z99? BTI has you covered with our premium 6 cell LiIon battery. This product has been engineered to meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications and replaces the original Asus part numbers All BTI batteries are manufactured and tested under our stringent quality standards and come with an industry leading 18 month manufacturer's warranty. BTI... True to the original.

Main Specifications

Product DescriptionBTI notebook battery - Li-Ion - 5000 mAh
Device TypeNotebook battery
BatteryLithium ion 6-cell - 5000 mAh
Batteries Qty1
Manufacturer Warranty18 months warranty
Designed ForASUS Z99H, Z99M; A8Dc; A8E; A8F; A8Fm; A8H; A8He; A8Ja; A8Jc; A8Je; A8Jm; A8Jn; A8JP; A8Jr; A8Js; A8Le; A8M; A8N; A8Sc; A8Sr; F80L; F80Q; F80S; F8P; F8Sa; F8Sg; F8Sn; F8Sp; F8Sr; F8Sv; F8VA; F8VR; X80Le; X83Vb; X83Vm

Extended Specifications

Device TypeNotebook battery
Technology6-cell lithium ion
Voltage Provided11.1 V
Capacity5000 mAh
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support18 months warranty
Service & Support DetailsLimited warranty - 18 months
Compatibility Information
Designed ForASUS Z99H, Z99M
ASUS A8Dc-4P007C, A1
ASUS A8E-4P008E, 4P014C, 4P030E, 4P037C, 4P040C, 4P044C, 4P067C, 4P070E, 4P077C, 4P078E, 4P081C, 4P086E, 4P089E, 4P101E, 4P125, 4P125E, 4P126E
ASUS A8Fm-4P002M-A, 4P003M, 4P030A, 4P039C, 4P049E, 4P049P
ASUS A8He-4P005, 4P005H, 4P009C-A, 4P014C, 4P014E, 4P029C, 4P037, 4P037A, 4P041, 4P042, 4P042A, 4P059C, 4P060E, 4P083E, 4P085P, 4P086C, 4P087E, 4P092, 4P092C, 4P100E, 4P101E, 4P117P, 4P128P, X1
ASUS A8Jc-H023H, H035P
ASUS A8Jn-4P001M, 4P008, 4P008H, 4P010M-A, 4P016, 4P016M, AP010M-A
ASUS A8Jr-4P005, 4P005C, 4P005C-A, 4P011C, 4P012C, 4P021C, 4P027, 4P027C, 4P030C, 4P072C, 4P082C, 4P088, 4P088C, 4S013C, 4S013E
ASUS A8Js-4S009, 4S014C, 4S024C, 4S024P, 4S034P, 4S037C, 4S038C, 4S038E, 4S041C, 4S042E, 4S050E, H212H
ASUS A8Le-4P007E, 4P008E, 4P010A, 4P014E, 4P022P, 4P023A, 4P024, 4P045P, 4P065C, 4P081E
ASUS A8M-4P005C, 4P005M, 4P032C, 4P041A
ASUS A8N-4P001C, 4P004C, 4P018C
ASUS A8Sc-4C019C, 4P013C, 4P013E, 4P017C, 4P023C, 4P031E, 4P034C, 4P061C, 4P063C, 4P091C, 4P107C, 4P116C, 4P128E, 4P136E, 4P138C, 4S040C, 4S041C, 4S062C, 4S064C, 4S074E, 4S089C, 4S111C, 4S119C, 4S127E, 4S130C, A1, B1, X3
ASUS A8Sr-4P012E
ASUS F80L 4P002C, 4P013, 4P013E, 4P019, 4P019E, AP019
ASUS F80Q 4P009C
ASUS F80S 4P006C, 4P038C
ASUS F8P-4P003C, 4P006C, 4P018C, 4P029C, 4P037C, 4P043C, 4P047C, 4P057C, 4P064C, 4P076C, B1W, B2B, C1B, C1W, X1W, X2B
ASUS F8Sa-4P015C, 4S001C, 4S004E, 4S007C, 4S009G, 4S017C, 4S028C, 4S033C
ASUS F8Sg-4P001C, 4P003E, 4P004C, 4P040C, 4P042C, 4P063C
ASUS F8Sn-4S001E, 4S001G, 4S018G, 4S021C, 4S023C, A1, B1, C1, D1, X1
ASUS F8Sp-4P002E, 4P013C, 4S006C, X1
ASUS F8Sr-4P001C, 4P016C
ASUS F8Sv-4P020C, 4P033C, 4S004E, 4S005E, 4S009C, 4S023C, 4S036C, 4S045G, A1, B1
ASUS F8VA 4S004G, 4S011C, 4S017C, 4S019C, B1, C1
ASUS F8VR 4P004C, 4P009C, 4P014C, 4P015C
ASUS X80Le 4P120E, 4P136E, 4P137E
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