Battery For Compaq Presario 361742-001

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Premium Power Products compatible notebook battery for Compaq Presario𖟄 and 2500 series. Also works with 2100 Series 2100AP 2100CA 2100LA𖟄US 2101AP 2101US 2102AP 2102EA 2102US 2103AP 2103EA 2104AP 2105AP𖟉CA 2105EA 2105LA 2105US 2106AP 2106EA 2106US 2107AP 2107EA 2108EA𖟍EA 2110AP 2110CA 2110EA 2110LA 2110US 2111AP 2111EA 2112AP 2112EA𖟑AP 2114AP 2114EA 2115AP 2115EA 2116AP 2117AP 2117EA 2118AD 2118EA𖟗EA 2120AD 2120AP 2120EA 2120LA 2122AD 2123AD 2123AP 2124AD 2124AP𖟝AC 2125AD 2125AP 2125EA 2126AC 2126AD 2126EA 2127AC 2127AD 2127EA𖟠AC 2128AD 2128EA 2129AD 2129EA 2130AC 2130AD 2130AP 2130EA 2131AC𖟣AD 2131EA 2132AC 2132RS 2133AC 133AD 2133AP 2133EA 2134AD 2134EA𖟧AC 2135AD 2135AP 2135CA 2135EA 2135US 2136AC 2136AD 2136EA 2136RSH𖟩AC 2137AD 2137EA 2138AC 2138AD 2138EA 2139AC 2139AD 2140AC 2140AD𖟬AP 2140CA 2140US 2141AC 2141AD 2141EA 2142EA 2143AD 2143AP 2144AD𖟰EA 2145AD 2145AP 2145CA 2145EA 2145US 2146AD 2146EA 2147AD 2147EA𖟴AD 2148EA 2149AD 2149EA 2150AP 2150US 2151AD 2151EA 2153AP 2154AP𖟺EA 2155 2155EA 2155US 2156EA 2158EA 2160EA 2161EA 2161US 2162EA𖠂US 2163EA 2164EA 2165EA 2166EA 2167EA 2169EA 2170US 2172EA 2173EA𖠏EA 2175US 2500 2500 Series 2500AP 2500LA 2505AP 2510AP 2510EA𖥞LA 2511EA 2512EA 2515AP 2515EA 2516EA 2520AP 2520EA 2521EA 2525AP𖥭CA 2525EA 2525US 2526EA 2528CL 2530AP 2535AP 2535QV 2538CL 2540𖥼AP 2545AP 2545US 2550AP 2555AP 2555US 2560AP 2565AP2104US 2108US𖠜CL 2190US 2195US 2199US 2568CL 2570US 2580US 2585US 2594US 2596US𖦤US 2592US 2596US 2597US 2598US.
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